1. 7- sinks in my parent's home
2. 3- movies I've watched in 2 days
3. 3- little dogs running around the house today
4. 11- age of my oldest nephew
5. 8- how old W said she would be when she got married
6. 100- dollars I saved at BabyGap yesterday
7. 4- chapters I read from my book last night
8. 393- miles to my parent's house from my house
9. 8- my shoe size
10. 55- my Mom's age
11. 64- recorded episodes of The Wonder Years in my parent's DVR
12. 9- strawberries I cut up for dinner
13. 10- bed pillows my sister sleeps with
14. 15- broccoli florets R has eaten today
15. 1- brownie I plan on eating when I get done with this list
16. 6- slices of strawberries I plan on pitting atop said brownie
17. 4- bottles of water I drank today
18. 1- episode of "Army Wives" I've watched while in AR
19. 0- episodes I hope to watch of "Army Wives" in the future
20. 4- special treats W brought home from a Kroger trip with Googie (Goldfish, pink yogurt, pink ice cream, and Clifford cereal)

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  1. Your sister sleeps with 10 pillows?
    Also I see you took advantage of the GAP sale on saturday. :)