This Weekend

1. Friday night- I caught up with my TiVo queue. And ate a lot of brownies. All while in bed.
2. On Saturday, dressed up for a "destination wedding" in Farmington, MO with a carload of great pals. Saw a lot of old friends. Lots of laughs thanks to Sam Coalier.
3. Slept in! on Sunday because the kiddies spent the night at their grandparent's house.
4. Leisurely morning watching Fringe & eating donuts with Andy.
5. Church for a great sermon
6. Napped while the kids napped
7. Homemade pizza dinner
8. More Fringe with Andy- we were behind 2 weeks. Love that show!
9. Watched the news of Bin Laden's death, but to be honest to you, my faithful blog readers- I thought the guy was already dead. I guess I should watch more CNN and less Bravo.
10. Now, because of the nap, I can't sleep.

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