How I Best Like My Veggies

1. Bell Pepper- raw cut into strips
2. Tomato- thin slices on sandwiches
3. Squash- sauteed
4. Sweet Potato- baked with greek yogurt and walnuts
5. Corn- grilled in the summer
6. Avocado- guacamole (a chunky mash with lemon juice, garlic salt, and cumin)
7. Peas- steamed
8. Green Beans- steamed
9. Carrot- raw, very cold
10. Spinach- as salad greens
11. Eggplant- sliced and baked with marinara and italian seasonings
12. Beets- pickled
13. Brussels Sprout- roasted
14. Asparagus- roasted
15. Celery- diced in anything- love those guys
16. Cauliflower- pureed
17. Broccoli- steamed
18. Zucchini- sauteed
19. Kale- chips
20. Pumpkin- pie
21. Artichoke- deep fried

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