What W Shouts Out In An Attempt To Not Sleep And Get Out Of Her Bed

1. I need to pee.
2. I have something in my eye.
3. Well, my problem is...(insert anything here that is not at all a problem, like last nights, Well, my problem is I have these things." Or, well, my problem is I think I want to play some more.)
4. I pooped in my pull-up.
5. I peed in my pull-up.
6. I need a drink.
7. I dropped (insert any of her myriad of dolls and animals she sleeps with) behind my bed.
8. My fingers stuck in my blankie. (her blankie is threadbare and she sometimes gets its strings caught around her finger)
9. She will undress Baby Stella, then demand I come back to redress her so that Baby Stella does not get cold.
10. My boo-boo hurts. (most of her boo-boos are just teeny scratches)
11. I'm scared.
12. I just want one more super hug and kiss.
13. I want you to snuggle with me.
14. I think I'm going to puke.
15. What day is it today?
16. What day is it tomorrow?

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