10 For Today

1. Elf On The Shelf = Totally creeps me out
2. It's really cute to hear my two year old son say "Albert Pujols."
3. I bought marshmallows today for gas stovetop s'mores.
4. I also bought two books- The Hunger Games and Empire of the Summer Moon.
5. I can't find the kids winter stuff from last year, including their mittens, hats, Arkansas Razorback hoodies, and the like.
6. At the art museum halloween party, a printmaker was there making to-order Frankenstein monster and mummy prints for the kids to color. Of course, the art museum would knock the art activity out of the park.
7. Since reading an article concerning it a while back, I only single space after a period now.
8. I had a dream the other night that David Freese kept trying to walk off with my Target buggy with R sitting in the seat.
9. I stayed up the other night until nearly 3:00 am reading up on biodynamic farming.
10. I bought my first 2011 Christmas gift- something for my dad. He is the best person to shop for. I could buy him 100 things and he would love them all.

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