About Last Night

1. Halloween party at the Martin's house...I didn't want to dress up so I said I was dressed up like an attractive woman.
2. I ate about 45 baby carrots from a veggie tray at the party
4. Watched the Cardinals win the World Series on both their living room TV and on a screen projected onto their garage in the back yard
5. We all went outside to watched the last inning and cheered together at the end
6. My friend Karin was dressed like a cowgirl and had two cap guns. She ran around us in the back yard shooting her guns into the air at the end of the game. It was hilarious and I'll treasure that memory of her for a long time.
7. We had to drive through the pandamonium and celebration to get to our loft downtown. It took an hour to get from Hwy 44 to our garage, which is really just about 1.5 miles.
8. People were coming up to our car to give high fives, people were dancing on top of their cars, a guy was skateboarding down 4th St with a 12 pack of beer in each hand, and a large woman got out of her car, screamed "Cardinal Nation!" then got back in and kept driving. It was all weird and wonderful.
9. We won the World Series! I fell asleep about 15 seconds after my head hit the pillow.

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