My Great Monday and Tuesday

1. Monday morning, both of my kids went to school, so I spent the morning with the birthday girl Missy
2. We went to the Chesterfield Mall to go to H&M Kids and had lunch at Bread Co.
3. Back to the boys school for Mommy & Me music time
4. Stephen came over for dinner. Of course, W was thrilled.
5. Tuesday morning, the kids spent the morning with Grandma, so I spent the morning with Aaron
6. We went and got pedicures then did a little shopping
7. I bought W a Snow White dress and R a cape and mask- both huge hits
8. W and I took a snuggle nap together
9. We spent the afternoon/evening at the Reinberg's house for a movie
10. Aaron made delicious strawberry mint slushies and quesadillas for dinner
11. Fringe 3-episode marathon with Andy last night to catch up to our queue. That show couldn't get any better!

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