What R is Loving

1. This huge book we have called The History of Animation that has great shots of He-Man, Mickey Mouse, and Lion King, which are among his favorites.
2. My tub of Cetaphil lotion. He grabs a walnut-sized dollop and just sticks it to his face or arm and walks off.
3. Riding on the tall and narrow arm of our daybed-style sofa and pretending it's a horse or BattleCat.
4. Nuts- they are his favorite snack. He likes 'em all.
5. Me scratching his back and head
6. Quinoa and blueberries. That is his favorite meal.
7. Watching Shaun the Sheep or He-Man or Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
8. Cowboy boots
9. Climbing out of his crib
10. His friend Teddy
11. The Super Grover stuffed animal that he has fly all over our house
12. Singing Ba Ba Black Sheep and The ABC's
13. Doing anything and everything his big sister does
14. Andy made him these little saddles for his Schleich horses- they are so cute- so they can have a rider

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