What's In My Purse

1. My Hobo wallet
2. Two pairs of sunglasses in their cases
3. Two pens from the Sheraton in Clayton that write really well
4. A few Organic Valley suckers
5. My art fair badge lanyard-R loves wearing it, so it comes in handy in pinch.
6. A jar of garlic salt. You thought I was kidding when I said that before.
7. A cloth zippie with baby wipes in it
8. Four mini Larabars
9. A calculator because it will pacify W if I need something
10. Dental floss
11. Cough drops
12. A blood work order for me- I'm having my thryoid tested
13. Several loose bobby pins
14. A crumpled up Target receipt
15. My small camera
16. A Say Yes to Carrots carrot flavored lip balm
17. iPhone ear buds

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