Top 10 Legal Addictions

1. Prescription drugs (I could hook someone up with this one...we've got about 20 bottles leftover from the accident that I don't want to flush into the water system.)
2. Cigarettes (I wish. My husband would disown me.)
3. Alcohol (I don't drink much. Usually only when I go out for margaritas and Mexican food or red wine when we are out fancy)
4. Pornography (Not really a struggle, but the male kind isn't too tempting.)
5. Gambling (I've been to a casino twice in my life. Once with my friend Josh somewhere around Lake Providence, LA and once with some friends in STL. Kinda depressing places. I did have quite the addiction to the computer poker on our cruise ship once, but only because my father-in-law was financially supporting my addicition.)
6. Fast food (Because of my vegetarianism and distaste for fried foods, I steer clear of fast food. I do partake in veggie burgers from Burger King and Subway veggie subs on road trips. They'll do.)
7. Celebrity gossip (I don't like the gossip that's negative or speculations. I do love hearing who is dating who, reading about celebrity weddings, and hearing what celebs name their babies. And I like all the fashion and fancy dresses at award shows.)
8. Online role-playing games (Well, I just mastered the Apple N, Apple A, etc. functions, so I don't think I have the computer skills for any sort of online gaming. Maybe Pinterest is more of a temptation, although lately, I've been mostly annoyed with it. Or annoyed with myself when I judge peoples weird and not-cute pins.)
9. T.V. (Um, yes, I watch a lot of TV. However, I have in the last month deleted about 10 shows from my Season Pass Manager. I'm taking steps.)
10. Shopping (I would shop and buy things every day if I could, but I guess that's no surprise to you, list blog readers who have combed through scores and scores of my "things I want to buy" lists.)

This list, besides my commentary was originally taken from listverse. Sorry if I put the periods in the wrong place in regards to the parentheses. I don't remember all those rules.

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  1. You wish?! Cary!!! Which shows did you delete?