Right Now

1. W is at school
2. R and his friend T are playing in the living room- something that involves Lightning McQueen cars, hats, horses, and hollering, "WooHoo!" every 3 seconds. I love it.
3. I am listening to David Gray and Annie Lennox sing Full Steam- it's been about 3 times on repeat. I am always practicing Annie's part in case David ever calls me up on stage.
4. Apple crisp is baking in the oven- made with Murphy's Orchard in Marionville apples, which I swear I could pick out of a lineup. They are so delicious.
5. My eyes keep wandering over to W's SUPER cute school pictures
6. Puddy is sleeping upside down on the sofa
7. I need to clean out the toaster oven then order diapers, toothpaste, toothbrushes, and 2 baby gifts.
8. I am wearing gray sweatpants, my brown house slippers, and one of A's long-sleeved thermal shirts.
9. I've moved on to Fleet Foxes- He Doesn't Know Why.
10. R and T have added sunglasses to their get-up.
11. I just was called away for a stinky diaper change.
12. T keeps coming up to ask me to push the horse's ear to make him neigh. I keep telling him how he can do it himself, but he prefers me doing it. He's so cute that I oblige.
13. I've moved on to my first listen of the new She & Him Christmas album.
14. I am snacking on some Chia Pudding. A lot of you ask about it- just chia seeds and some milk (I use unsweetened almond) and some fruit (today is blueberries) and let that sit in the fridge. My sister blogged about it on her vegan food blog.
15. The boys are now standing on the sofa looking at the window.
16. I am going to take the crisp out of the oven.

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