10 Things (On My Birthday, But Not At All Related To My Birthday)

1. Potty-training day 2 was such a disaster that I am not even attempting a day 3. Or a day 4 or 5. I might pick it back up on day 6 when it is the weekend.
2. Right now, the kids are playing...W hides a play-food carrot and R pretends he's a dog and tries to find it.
3. I tried watching both Smash and Awake, but neither of them are holding my attention.
4. I've been a little emotionally overwhelmed by a friend's blog post and the loss of a sweet little girl in Conway. Life sucks really bad sometimes.
5. I think that the LouFest lineup this year sounds promising.
6. My little sister left me the most painfully awkward, yet gloriously hilarious voicemail yesterday. Saving it forever.
7. I could really go for some of those Trader Joes Cat Cookies and a glass of dark chocolate almond milk right now.
8. I'm really excited to be spending a few days at my aunt and uncle's house in Willow Springs at the end of the month.
9. I couldn't be happier with these unusually early warm temperatures.
10. Buying things for and assembling Easter baskets for W and R gives me great joy.

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