Changes Around The House

1. I finally settled on a new shower curtain for the guest bathroom, which led to new hand towels and two little rugs, which led to moving two art pieces into the space...a Deona Fish piece from Asheville that's been in storage and another stored gift from my in-laws.
2. My large, beautiful cockatoo from the Biltmore came out of hibernation back to her perch in my kitchen where she belongs
3. A new succulent that is huge and lovely-colored and architecturally-beautiful now rests on the low bookshelf in the sunlight
4. Summer clothes in, winter clothes out
5. We have swapped some art around and pulled some art out of storage...moved the Mark Hoffman painting from the living room to the dining area, put the wooden pieces from the dining area above our bed, moved the two Alicia LaChance's from above our bed to the kids play area, and moved the large Alicia LaChance above our living room sofa. Whew! Andy was busy with his drill, hammer, and nails.
6. I re-discovered these three little paintings of monster/alien/creatures in jars that my parents bought for R last year- those are now hanging in their room. I hope that surrounding kids with art makes them appreciate art, because they now have 15 original art pieces in their room.
7. I pulled a couple pillow covers out of storage (I could probably operate a store out of our storage units) the added some decorative pillows and moved some around between the two sofas.
8. I hung my last year's signed art fair print by Jodi Perry in our bedroom.
9. We have a beautifully unique Aaron Hequembourg that came out of hiding (read: storage) and now hangs in the living room.
10. I pulled out some Nathan Falter pottery that I'm hoping to use as a succulent container.
11. I'm in the market for an indoor tree that needs limited sunlight to break up a void between the living room and kitchen.


  1. which shower curtain did you end up with?

  2. a mysterious third one you never saw