My Birthday

1. I spent the morning at my daughter's school because it was her birthday star day
2. On the night of my actual birthday, I went to dinner at El Maguey and a 31 party with Missy
3. My birthday is less important because the next day is my daughter's birthday, and we had a amazingly fun, but exhausting day of celebrating her.
4. We celebrated my birthday on Friday night with our friends Josh & Missy and Rick & Lauren.
5. We started the evening with drinks at BrickTop's- I had a blood orange martini that was so good
6. Dinner at Paul Manno's is always a special treat. I had a few bites of Lauren's fried eggplant caprese salad and a vodka cream sauce penne dish that was a rich and delicious.
7. I was gifted a necklace from Anthropologie from my big sister, a shopping trip a couple weeks ago with my parents, and a coat from my husband. And a stack of homemade cards from my children.

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