1. I remembered, just in the nick of time, that W had her 4 year check-up.
2. After leaving our (wonderful) pediatrician's office, we went to the zoo!
3. We lived it UP at the zoo- train rides, carousel, lunch at the Painted Giraffe Cafe (I really like their veggie wrap there), and killed it walking everywhere- Red Rocks, Herpetarium, River's Edge, Fragile Forest, you name it. We walked it.
4. Since my husband was not going to get home until around midnight, I took them by his office to say hello and get rehydrated.
5. We came home exhausted, but we had to take Puddy on a walk to compensate for leaving him in his crate all day...1.5 miles with the kids in the stroller eating Peach Pops from Trader Joes.
6. I wasted time on the computer while the kids watched The Care Bears Movie.
7. Egg salad on toast, carrots, and grapes for the kids for dinner, then baths and early bedtime.
8. I had a homemade Mexican dinner for one (roasted garbanzos, black bean, sweet potato, avocado, spinach burritos with Mexican Villa taco sauce and tortilla chips with nutritional yeast sauce) and watched Melancholia on Netflix.
9. I folded 4 loads of laundry and then went to bed.

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