Notes On My Running

1. I've been running a little less than a month, and my status is being able to run 2 miles without stopping.
2. I am SLOW right now...last night I did two miles at a 12 minute/mile pace. 
3. I am not going to increase distance until I can get those miles down to a 10 minute pace.
4. I bought these yesterday at Missouri Running Co. because my old, too-small cross-trainers were KILLING my feet.
5. I also got some of these Balega socks, not for any reason other than they were the cheapest of the blend socks.
6. My preferred music while running is bluegrass for the rhythm, but I like anything I would consider "old school," (especially high school music) because a song will remind me of something, then my mind will wander and I'll be distracted reminiscing. Like tonight, I was listening to Aerosmith, remembering when my friend Sam Glover and I drove my little sister and her friend Stacy to Memphis for a concert. It was a fun night to laugh about while I was running against the wind most of the time.
7. So, like I said before, it's not even been a month, and I already have obvious increase in my muscle tone. I would name where I see the differences, but I must've slept through that part of science class.
8. Running has made me more conscious of drinking more water and eating better, so it's good all around.
9. My ideal running time is around 6:30 at night. I will make the kids their dinner when A gets home, then leave so that I can be home to bathe them and put them to bed. And I hate waking up early, so that's mostly out of the question.
10. It's hard for a stay-at-home mom (especially me, as I am always struggling to find "my thing"- something that makes me feel like I have purpose and talent) to feel accomplished, and running allows me to feel proud of myself.
11. Missy and I are running the Make Tracks for the Zoo 5K in a few weeks, and I hope to run in regular 5Ks and maybe set a goal for a 10K later.
12. My earbuds are the worst. One of them is only like 5 inches long, while the other ear cord is like 2 feet long. Maybe I accidentally bought the ones fashioned for people with medically diagnosed fat face?


  1. That's really great. I can see you as a runner. I'm going to start my exercise program today. Enough's enough. I do have to buy some new shoes, too, because my old tennis shoes are pretty tight.

  2. Lord have need to buy shoes a whole size bigger because of your Guiness Book of World Records length toenails. You will lose them if they are long and the tops rub against your shoes. The lady at the running store told me mine were the perfect running length.

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