What We Did In Willow Springs

1. My husband and Uncle Chuck went turkey hunting Friday and Saturday mornings
2. Friday morning, the kids and I ran errands with Aunt Patsy: library, egg deliveries, a stop by the hair salon, grocery shopping, and a visit with Sweet Bonnie at the nursing home
3. Back to Patsy's for lunch- mushroom and onion pizza. My kids even ate it, which was surprising. Maybe they've been holding out for local, organic mushrooms this whole time?
4. Friday afternoon we went and saw a man's house- maybe the most unbelievable experience of my life. I can't even describe it...he has so many antique collectibles (from canned goods to old ice skates) that he has built a general store, blacksmith shop, gun shop...he owns a Gatling gun, for instance. It was amazing! My eyes were like silver dollars the whole time we were there.
5. Friday night supper at their house- burgers and veggie burgers and potato salad and green salad- so good! Patsy makes this unusually delicious potato salad.
6. Late night trip to the West Plains ER with R because he was having some breathing problems
7. The nurses gave him a Beanie Baby Buffalo, so we watched many episodes of Guy on a Buffalo. R's in love.
8. Saturday morning drive over to Simpson's Strawberries in Mountain Grove for strawberry picking. I was just going to get a quart or so, but walked away with 13 pounds.
9. The kids probably ate 50 strawberries while we were picking them and were covered head to toe in red juice. The people who worked their were all pretty old and loved it.
10. W loved playing with their cat, Roxy Belle, and now wants a cat instead of a dog. Poor Puddy!
11. Egg salad sandwiches, crackers, and strawberries for lunch
12. We had to engage in a thorough tick-check after I found one on both of the kiddos.
13. Our traditional trip to Smiley's Ice Cream Shoppe on the way out of town. I had Black Forest Cake, and I think it was the best ice cream I've ever had. Maybe ties with the Peach at Kilwin's in North Carolina.

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