Things That Annoy Me

1. How long it takes iTunes to open
2. People thinking Nutella is a health food- just because the commercial says its made with skim milk and cocoa does not make it healthy
3. How Bravo shows have a fake-out scene at about the 40 minute mark that is just a non-essential scene to squeeze in more commercials
4. When people say someone has "drank the Kool-Aid"
5. Laundry
6. My eye doctor makes me fill out information papers EVERY SINGLE TIME I GO IN. Nothing has changed! I'm going to muster the strength to refuse next time.
7. Neither of my children can blow their nose
8. When I have a great idea on Draw Something, but my non-artistic gorilla fingers can't execute
9. When my showering and running schedule require me to shower more than every other day
10. If my car is dirty (much more than if, as in #9, my body is dirty)
11. I always get the wrong USB cord out when I want to load photos on the computer. Then, when I get the right one, I always try to put it in upside down.
12. The gas station "Kum & Go." I will only frequent the one in Hollister on 65, because they do have good fountain drinks.
13. Bad pens
14. People who don't put their health as a top priority. Especially if they constantly complain about their weight or their poor health.

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