Favorite Saturday Night Live Moments, Of All Time

1. The Taco Town commercial. My favorite SNL commercial ever.
2. Speaking of commercials, Bad Idea Jeans, Finger Off, Mom Jeans, Colon Blow cereal, Big Red Viking, Chameleon XLE, Edible Diapers, Bass-O-Matic. I wish I had the time to link all of these.
3. Matt Foley the Motivational Speaker. "you didn't smoke it, did you?" My favorite skit ever.
4. Adam Sandler's "Red Hooded Sweatshirt"
5. The 1992 presidential many great Arkansas jokes!
6. The entire Christopher Walken episode. That one will be in our TiVo queue until the end of time. "My doll's name in Jenny..."
7. I love the current Miley Cyrus Show bits. That girl does a spot-on Miley..."It's pretty cool"
8. Oh goodness, the entire Best of Chris Farley. Anything Chris Farley. We used to watch that Best of Video that my friend Matt had on a VHS tape like twice a week in college.
9. My favorite Farleys...the Chippendales dancers, "diet starts monday" girls, Tales of Little Women, Beverly & Hank "ravioli? holy cannoli" (I esp. love any skits with Chris Farley & Adam Sandler, because Adam can never keep a straight face)
10. The old Jeopardy skits with Will Ferrell as Alex Trebec and with Burt Reynolds and Sean Connery.
11. The immigrants on the ship skit with Justin Timberlake
12. The Target Lady
13. The Bronx Beat ladies interviewing Jake Gyllenhaal "what are you, Sioux?"
14. My favorite Weekend Update host of all time- Norm McDonald
15. Deep Thoughts by Jack Handy ("If God lives inside us like some people say, I sure hope he like's enchiladas, because that's what he's getting")
16. Laser Cats. I can't help it.
17. Anything where the stars crack each other up
18. The "Tonight Song" that was the opening monologue hosted by Steve Martin. "not gonna get liquored up tonight...won't take a drink...til Update is through..."
19. The Oops I Crapped My Pants commercial. "Because I use them, and I just did"
20. Massive Headwound Harry ("maybe he smells my dog?")
21. Peyton Manning's United Way PSA. Another all-time favorite (a nod to Matt Alley's coaching style at Wheaton)
22. I can't choose between all the Wayne's Worlds
23. Michael Vick, Really?! "Do you not keep weed at your house?"
25. Bill Hader as Stephon


  1. Thanks to Hulu, for all of those clips. I'm sure I'm missing some great ones.