Possible Explanations For The Horrible Recurring Nightmares I've Been Having

1. Not getting enough sleep
2. Watching Revenge of the Nerds three times in one week
3. A marked increase of healthy fats and soluble fiber into my diet
4. I've also watched Precious and a documentary about the Crips and Bloods in LA
5. Yoga soreness
6. I still think my iPhone might give me cancer and I shouldn't sleep with it near my head on the night table
7. Falling asleep to the sound of Call of Duty: Black Ops every night
8. I've finally had enough Enya in the kids room (which in a loft might as well be in my room)
9. Neck pain
10. I've had alcoholic beverages twice this week
11. Anxiety over our house (not) selling
12. I think having children just makes you more fearful
13. Checking facebook before I go to sleep
14. Maybe the mattress needs to be flipped

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