What We Do When We Have To Leave Our Loft For A Showing

1. Drive around and look at potential houses
2. Hang out with the Langs
3. Go to my in-laws
4. Spend way too much time at PetSmart (because Puddy's always with us, too)
5. Drive through Sonic
6. Go to Lafayette Park
7. Drive around while the kids sleep if it's nap time
8. Talk to my sister on the phone
9. Play scavenger hunts in the car like we were on a road trip vacation
10. Lurk on our street so we can see who's touring our loft
11. Go to SweetArt for cupcakes


  1. Next time come over here, getting a little jealous of those Langs.

  2. Speaking of jealous, you have a brother you could call as who is coming your way at the end of the month!