1. 5- loads of laundry I folded last night
2. 9- of my husbands shirts I ironed last night
3. 2- average number of crossword puzzles I do each day
4. 28- toy cars R owns
5. 10- times we've shown our loft
6. 4- times my dog goes "out" each day
7. 3- artificial succulents on our coffee table that look so real my dad attempted to water them once
8. 13- pillows in our home
9. 7- bananas in our fruit basket
10. 75- my class ranking when I graduated from high school
11. 52- apps on my iPhone
12. 27- days until my birthday
13. 6- how old my dog will be on his birthday
14. 10- decorative vases on top of my kitchen cabinets
15. 3- things I need from Crate & Barrel
16. 6- characters from Sesame Street I can see right now from where I am sitting
17. 8- about how many hours of sleep I get each night (I've heard even numbers are bad- you're supposed to get either 7 or 9 because of REM cycles or something?)
18. 3- things I got at REI yesterday
19. 29- pairs of shoes I own
20. 16- how old I was when I had my first kiss
21. 2- days a week W goes to preschool
22. 10- small kitchen appliances I have (rice cooker, panini press, popcorn maker, ice cream machine, waffle iron, electric griddle, blender, stand mixer, toaster oven, and microwave)
23. 40- toes in our family
24. 2- TVs we have
25. 11- hours (approx.) my kids get of sleep each night
26. 5- years I was in college
27. 5- big glasses of water I drink each day
28. 14- organizing boxes that are in our bedroom closet (not counting my 29 shoeboxes because I keep all my shoes in their original boxes)
29. 2- friends I talked to on the phone yesterday
30. 5- pieces of gremacha items W owns, but 2 more are in the works
31. 18- ideas I have bookmarked on the computer for our future house
32. 28- days until my daughters THIRD birthday
33. 26- links in my husband's bookmark file. Mostly news sites and t-shirt sites
34. 1- cup of food my doggie eats each day
35. 3- different types of nutbutters we have in our home right now (Natural Jiff, Sunbutter [sunflower seed] with flax seed, and PB2)
36. 767- lists I've made on this blog
37. 2929- songs on my iPhone
38. 4576- songs on in our laptop's iTunes
39. 1- fish we have
40. 7- things on my to-do list for today
for a couple more of these, click on the numbers tag

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