When I Asked W What She Wanted To Do For Her Birthday, She Said She Wanted...

1. A present
2. A pink cake
3. To go somewhere on an adventure with mommy and daddy and R, but not Puddy
4. A fancy present
5. To go out to eat at a restaurant
6. Her cousins will come, too
7. Maybe watch a movie
8. Todd's restaurant (?) where the waitress gives you pizza
9. That's it


  1. Sis and I are talking about making a trip to STL in the next month or so, just the two of us, if that's okay. I might not be getting this in the 7 week advance notice limit but hopefully close. If you want us to come sometime around her birthday - or whenever you want us to come, let me know. We'll talk.

  2. I just got excited and thought "Well I don't remember talking about it, but FUN!" then realized I wasn't sis. I'm a loser.

  3. Ohhhh, Sister!!!! We SHOULD go just the two of us!