What I Ate Yesterday. Not proud.

1. Glass of dark chocolate almond milk (so good! tastes like those old Sports Shakes from the 80s)
2. Blueberry Acai toaster pastry
3. Chickpea salad with Kashi 7-grain crackers and a water (the one redeemer of the day)
4. Cinnamon graham cracker with honey cinnamon butter on top, more choc. almond milk
5. 3 or 4 slices of 365 brand frozen cheese pizza, water
6. 4th meal watching Biggest Loser (Bob and Jillian would not be proud) of more chickpea salad and crackers
7. 3 Thin Mints
8. Some coconut pudding with more cinnamon graham crackers, orange juice
it was just one of those days

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