The Voice Memos In My iPhone

1. Albert screaming, "no, no, no, no!" (better delete that one, it seems really weird & I don't know why it's on there)
2. Me dictating a Whole Foods shopping list- eggs, waxed paper bags, strawberry chips, greek yogurt, & seltzer
3. Me saying Anthony Pack Urban Folk Art I was trying to remember to look up this artist I love who makes these cute little guys
4. Me dictating directions of how to get from my brother's house to my grandpa's house via the Hootentown bridge (it's really confusing and I used to get lost every time before I made this voice memo)
5. W when she was littler (last April) saying a list of all the boys she knows and all the girls she knows. I LOVE this one.
6. W talking about going to see my parents. We were on our way to Arkansas. "We're going to see my Googie! She's my girl! We are almost there!" Her voice sounds so sweet and little.
7. Me dictating songs I was listening to on a road trip for a previous list
8. My sweet nephew Rafferty singing the alphabet
9. W saying R's name for the first time
10. Rafferty singing Old MacDonald two summers ago
11. My other nephew singing some other song that I don't know, but it sure is cute
12. Him singing another song about not killing and eating animals- it's one of his originals that it awesome "don't kill any kind of fish!" is the last line of this version. I think it changes every time.

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