Because I Don't Have Any Weekend Plans, I'm Going To...

1. Clean the house, because it's been a while
2. Take a nap
3. Clean out the microwave and toaster oven
4. Buy some photo albums and summer shoes for the kids
5. Bake a pie
6. Go on a long walk with the Reinbergs and play at the Arch grounds
7. Make a fancy meal
8. Switch my clothes out (winter to storage, summer to my closet)
9. Movie night with the kids
10. Go for a jog
11. Clean out the fridge
12. Go to yoga


  1. Tell me more aboutthe fancy meal...also what kind of pie are you making?

  2. Fancy meal is just actually cooking a meal. We all just kind of eat different things, so fancy is us all eating the same (generally) food.
    Pie...I don't know...coconut cream? apple? I've yet to be inspired.

  3. Did you jog in your Jessica Simpson flats?

  4. I am not a coconut fan but apple sounds perfect. I really want a good recipe for a Strawbery one...they never turn out the way i want them to. Enjoy your fancy family meal.

  5. Jen, it is unfortunate, but I have to wear ugly old sneakers every once in a while. Rarely do people ever see them. I try to stay in the shadows.