Right Now

1. Listening to Alison Krauss & Union Station
2. Belly full of leftover pizza from a restaurant last night. Made me a little sick last night, but I'm so anal about leftovers being eaten, that I rolled the dice and had it for lunch. Fingers crossed...
3. Wearing shorts!
4. Watching my dog have some bizarre dream because he's "running" in his sleep
5. Drinking some water (no ice)
6. Realizing this is the only weekend that I don't have plans until mid-May
7. Looking at the rest of the groceries I need to put away
8. Excited to go to the zoo (went yesterday, this weather)
9. Thinking I should get up and pick up the house before the kids wake up
10. Hungry for something sweet and remembering I have some "Just Raspberries"

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