Favorite 30 Rock Moments

1. When Tracy's "metaphor" claims that affirmative action was devised to keep minorities and women in competition as a distraction in order for the white man government to inject AIDS into chicken nuggets. He later bursts onto the stage in his debut on TGS and shouts, "I'm from the government and I'm here to inspect your nuggets"
2. When Liz comes out wearing denim overall shorts, and Jack looks at her in surprised disgust and gasps, "lesbian Mario Brothers."
3. Jack saying, "Lemon, if you were any other woman on the earth, I'd be turned on right now." (I don't remember why he said it, but it was hilarious.
4. Liz making the million dollar donation speech for the "Jack and Elizabeth Donaghy School for Teen Drama, the Arts, and Feelings" on TV with that odd "rich" accent
5. Jack explaining why the minister thought she would have been the bride at his wedding (mosquito netting over her face, shoes on the beach...)
6. Liz wondered why Jack was wearing a tux, to which he replied, "Lemon, it's after 6...what am I, a farmer?"
7. When Jack and Liz were at the 6 Sigma (?) conference and his microphone was on during his self-affirmation in the bathroom...Liz wanted to save him and distract the crowd, so she jumped up on stage and sang, "Everybody Dance now!" and ripped open her shirt and started awkward dancing in her bra.
8. Speaking of, her awkward performance in front of the green screen shooting the opening to her never-made-it show. (did her "sexy" look like she was shooting a basketball? I can't remember, but it was genius)
9. Dressing up like Princess Leia and her hologram speech to get excused from jury duty
10. Jack telling Liz to "never follow a hippie to a second location" during the Carrie Fischer episode
11. The Cleveland Song with Jason Sudekis
12. Liz and Jack's faces while the HR person was quizzing them about their appropriateness of their work relationship
13. Kenneth saying he doesn't drink hot liquids because it's the "devil's temperature"
14. When Liz defended Tracy biting Dakota Fanning in the face because "if you hear his version of it, she kind of deserved it."
15. At a bar with Jenna, Liz wonders if a guy would buy her mozzerella sticks instead of a drink.
16. When Jack decides to update the demographic forms because they include colored people, broads, fairies, and commies.
17. Maybe anything that Jack says


  1. I wish I had time to link these to clips, but if you don't watch the show, maybe the curiousness of this list will make you WATCH THE SHOW. It's the best comedy on TV.

  2. "Never follow a hippie to a second location" has to be one of the funniest lines EVER.