A List Of Random Statements I Pulled Out Of W Because I Wanted Her To Do This List Today In Honor Of It Being Her Birthday- It Was Like Pulling Teeth

1. Happy birthday to myself
2. Happy birthday to myself again
3. Happy birthday to mama yesterday
4. You say "cheese!" when you take a picture
5. I can dance
6. I could have cupcakes for my birthday
7. I want to go to Ozzie's for my birthday dinner with Daddy when he gets home from his office.
8. Can we go to the City Museum (yes we can)
9. Do I look beautiful?
10. Diego and Dora are brother and sisters
11. Can I have some stickers?
12. Where's my blanket?
13. R is being a booger
14. And Puddy's being a booger
15. I don't know what I can say
16. It's my birthday!


  1. Hilarious. Winnie is awesome and I think Dora and Diego are cousins?

  2. Is she really 3 already? Happy birthday, Winnie!

  3. Haha - do I look beautiful? So cute! Happy Birthday to her, and happy birthday to herself again.