Things I'm Not Down With

1. Saying vacay. Come on, just one more syllable is all! Especially men saying it. There's no better way to sound like a sorority girl heading out for spring break.
2. Having to wear North Face outerwear to an Easter egg hunt. Where am I?
3. Referring to people as "cuz". My cousins an I are all from tiny towns without any fancy schooling and we all manage to refer to each other as "cousin"
4. Those shoes that have toes. I don't even know what they are called. I don't want to know. Because then the nightmares will surely start if they take up any more of my brain space.
5. When I am folding laundry and I think something is inside out, so I fix it, only to realize it was right in the beginning, and then I have to fix it again. Ahh!
6. Ferrets as pets
7. Waking up any less than 1 hour before you have to wake up to go to the bathroom.
8. Lions and tigers as pets. That's just asking for trouble.
9. People stealing copper. My husband especially hates this.
10. This public school in Chicago banning packed lunches from home.
11. My laundry room right now. It's become the mecca for all things crappy and displaced.
12. Clorox "Green Works" line. Just stick to the toxic stuff, please and let the legitimate green companies make cleaners for us. The subpar quality is only giving green cleaners a bad rap for the general population.
13. The gas prices. I hear they're high. I should start paying attention.

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  1. Those shoes TOTALLY creep me out and remind me on alien feet....they are bizzare!