What We Did When My Sister And Niece Were In Town

1. A great deal of chatting
2. The little girls twirled and danced and dressed up a lot
3. Vegan sweet treat snacking
4. Breakfasts at home
5. Lunch at Rooster
6. Fairy tale tea with the girls
7. Dinner at Pi
8. Watched Hoarders, Extreme Couponing, and Amazing Race while giving each other full-body massages (she's better than me)
9. Went to Lafayette Park with Grandma Linda, Albert, and Hope to play and feed the swans and geese
10. Facebook stalked people from our past
11. Quesadilla and guacamole send-off lunch
thanks for coming, Jenny!


  1. Oh, shoot, I actually didn't do that smiley face on purpose; I swear. As soon as I hit the publish button, I remembered that you don't like those! See, they just come out of me naturally. Sorry. I only meant that I was smiling in agreement, and you're welcome, and thank you, also!