What I Should Have Asked For For My Birthday

1. People to stop making those smiley faces out of a colon and ).
2. For my iPhone not to auto-correct "the" and change it into "Tge" every time I type it. That's not annoying.
3. Generally, for my iPhone to not be a piece.
4. This dress
5. For everyone to please stop talking about Charlie Sheen. I can't take it anymore. He's not even cool. His last moment of coolness was in Lucas, circa 1985.
6. For Greek to not have ended. I don't care. I loved that show. I'm not ashamed to say it.
7. These boots
8. For my inner ears to not feel like they are being pierced until they are about to explode every time I move faster than a slow jog
9. A maid
10. One of my sister's full-body massages. That might sound awkward, but my family is very close.
12. Stoby's strawberry cake
13. A warm weather day at the Buffalo River
14. For my children to have non-runny noses for just one day
15. For Genevieve Gorder to be my friend
16. A personal Ray LaMontagne concert


  1. I have to defend my colon smiley faces... sarcasm can easily be overlooked, especially with what I say. It helps tell people "don't worry, this is only a joke." Please don't hate me.

  2. I'm with Kerry. :) I really like colon smiley faces.

    #10 - just you wait!!!

    We were all just talking about 13 yesterday - about how we all met Matt+ there that once.

    I can't see the dress.

  3. oh, the link is working for me now. cute. i will point out that your clothing choices include leather and silk. i'm not judging. just pointing out. :)

  4. Don't try to defend yourselves against the smiley faces, you two. I'm still not buying it.
    Jen- I don't have a stance against silk. The leather I avoid, but those boots were not a realistic purchase, as they are $360. Not really working with my budget.