Around the House Dislikes

1. Dirty dishes in the sink that are filled with water. Hate it!
2. When the kitchen counters get littered with things. I like them to be perfectly clean. I blame my mother.
3. Fingerprints on the living room tables, but alas, it's a winless game I'm playing.
4. The dustbunnies that form and hang out along our hallway wall
5. When our middle blanket comes...nevermind. My bed rules could be a whole list in and of itself.
6. When A puts the dishes in the dishwasher the wrong way. For instance, I like to keep silverware handle up and I always start filling it up from the back.
7. Exposed cords
8. I don't like the setup of the kid's room, and am irritated that there really isn't another option.
9. When people hang their toilet paper the wrong way. Ha!
10. Lights off in the main living area during the day

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