Yesterday's Every Hour

1. 7:00- still in bed, but awake
2. 8:00- letting R type his name on the computer...over and over and over and over again
3. 9:00- folding laundry and watching a Wyatt Earp documentary while R watches Sesame Street
4. 10:00- making kids beds
5. 11:00- getting R's lunch ready (mixed nuts, cheese, crackers, and a clementine orange)
6. Noon- making some chai tea
7. 1:00- eating my lunch (Dewey's candied walnut & grape salad) while I caught up on the internets
8. 2:00- reading from a biography of Andrew Wyeth in the bath tub
9. 3:00- I actually fell in the sleep for about an hour and a half- I've not been sleeping lately
10. 4:00- cleaning the bathrooms
11. 5:00- texting
12. 6:00- making dinner
13. 7:00- with W, putting Valentine's Day themed things in the art center
14. 8:00- literally passed out across the foot of our bed
15. 9:00- watching Gossip Girl

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