What I Want To...

1. Go See- Melancholia and My Week With Marilyn. Both playing at the Tivoli, so I might pull a double-feature.
2. Go See- The Artist at Plaza Frontenac
3. Read- The Great Gatsby and Brave New World
4. Eat- Black Bean Enchiladas. My Mexican meter is dangerously low, as I haven't been to Mexican Villa in over a year. Feed me burritos, feed me burritos...
5. Do- take the kids to the science center
6. Eat- a broiled grapefruit. I saw it on Pinterest, and it's all I can think about.
7. Make- I need to get started on a piece I am making for our friend's dental office
8. Take the Kids to- the Penguin Parade at the zoo
9. Watch- House of Lies
10. Make- a little terranium
11. Plan- a mom's night out for W's preschool class moms
12. Buy- this dress
13. Buy- a medium-wash denim shirt that I have in my head but haven't found yet

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