My Cooking Goals This Week

1. Because I almost caved and bought the always-desirable-to-me brown toaster strudels, I made these this morning and thought they were dangerously delicious
2. Our friend Stephen's coming to dinner tonight...I like to try out new things when he's here, so these will be on the side of whatever my husband grills
3. While the men eat grilled meat, the kids and I are going to try these cakes out
4. I think these cuties will be a hit with my whole family, so I'm making them as a special breakfast before I go out of town Friday
5. I am going to make some pureed fruit "ice cubes" for the kids on Thursday because W saw them while I was internet surfing the other day and thought they were magical
6. I need to finish eating the unreasonable amount of pinto beans I made on Monday

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