Dislikes Of The Week

1. Beer can chicken- nothing's as sadly disgusting as seeing them innocently perched on a beer can, looking like a fat little baby on the grill. Top Chef this week scarred me deeply.
2. Having pimple on your forehead that causes your two-year-old son to ask, "You have ladybug on your head?"
3. W being overly-dramatic and her new phrase being, "You're breaking my whole life!" which I assume is a variation of you're breaking my heart. Common phrases just aren't enough for my girl.
4. Losing one tiny itty bity little toy- I just can't let it go. I spent 4 hours trying to find the one-inch tall Chip (of Chip and Dale fame). Success came when I took the cover off of R's carseat and found it deep in the base.
5. Dairy yogurt. It has gone the way of milk, and I find it completely disgusting.
6. Getting a ticket for rolling a stop sign in the residential neighborhood behind W's school
7. Two sad and dead, naked Christmas trees still in my loft
8. Not being able to see my grandparents more
9. Not being able to go to Schnucks and have my children not scream and whine for a free cookie. A perfect example of doing something once and having to do it forever. Should have never went down the free cookie road.
10. Where, oh where, are Mad Men and 30 Rock?
11. TV shows thinking they're in college and taking these long winter breaks
12. No curly-haired Disney princesses- my daughter longs for Sleeping Beauty's long, straight, blond hair and doesn't appreciate how beautiful her hair is.
13. What a picky eater my daughter is
14. Homeless Christmas toys have taken over my loft.
15. W's teacher aide resigned to take on full-time cookie sales. I am so devastated, as I thought she was nothing short of the cat's pajamas.

1 comment:

  1. #3 - That is totally raff

    #12 - Doesn't Tatiana have sort of curly hair? Does that count? Have you seen previews for Disney's Brave? I don't know if she counts as a princess, but she has CURLY hair. Maybe I should cut Sissy's hair and perm it.

    #15 - So sorry. Sis's teacher left before the end of the year in her MDO class a couple of years ago, and we were super sad.