1. Cashews are my least favorite of the nuts.
2. I did used to love cashew chicken (Springfield, MO cashew chicken which is different and more delicious than other cashew chicken) when I was little.
3. I am really excited about Project Runway All-Stars starting this Thursday night.
4. Chai tea is keeping me warm this winter.
5. I am utterly disgusted with how awful the JCrew store is at the Galleria. Totally unacceptable. It's worse than the JCrew outlet in Alabama. I will only go to the one at Plaza Frontenac from this day forth.
6. My husband has a to-do list for today that contains 15 items.
7. My team came in a surprising last place in our STL scavenger hunt.
8. Today's lunch with friends was Imos pizza and Dewey's salad for the adults and pizza and their choice of strawberries, blueberries, carrots, peas, and sweet potatoes for the kids.
9. If we ever get a new pet, I want to name it Ron Weasley.
10. I wish the Harry Potter series had gone on, maybe focusing less on Harry's magical woes, and more on Hermoine and Ron...maybe "Ron and Hermoine Get a Flat."
11. My husband has to take my starter cactus to work with him because our loft does not get enough direct sunlight.
12. W is excited to cut up our Christmas cards to make a "friend collage."
13. R wants to wear his new Buzz and Woody shirt every single day.
14. Hoping we have a huge Cotton Bowl victory this weekend- Let's Go HOGS!

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  1. Thanks for the PR:AS reminder. I meant to ask, did you get our Christmas card? Matt was in charge of addressing/mailing them...