Every Hour

1. 8:00- driving W to preschool, per W's request- listening to Gillian Welch
2. 9:00- was next door- I couldn't get one of my new boots off, my neighbor's mom had to help
3. 10:00- baking brownies for a friend
4. 11:00- making R, Teddy, and me lunch (roasted sweet potatoes, eggplant, and mushrooms, pinto beans, and cheese toast) and singing to David Gray
5. Noon- driving to pick up W from school
6. 1:00- online browsing
7. 2:00- going through stored artwork and seeing if I want to switch anything out
8. 3:00- helping the kids draw birds and elephants
9. 4:00- wrapping a birthday gift for W's sweet friend- this necklace (she loves hippos)- for a party this weekend and planning her outfit, a sticky sweet Hannah Anderson tutu and bow top
10. 5:00- looking around the kitchen, deciding what to cook for dinner
11. 6:00- serving dinner
12. 7:00- doing dishes
13. 8:00- piddling around in the bathroom
14. 9:00- watching an episode of Ken Burns: The West
15. 10:00- watching a Friends rerun- one of my favorites..."I'm Joey, I'm disgusting. I take my underwear off in other people's homes."

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