R's Day So Far

1. Breakfast- he had pumpkin chocolate chip mini muffins and a mixed berry and banana smoothie
2. He built a train track and played with his trains for a while
3. He and I worked with the bristle blocks and built a city and a couple abstract Buzz Lightyears
4. R watched today's episode of Sesame Street on my bed and snuggled with Puddy, our dog
5. He got out his horses and barn and played with those for a while
6. While I worked on cleaning out W's closet, he did a little art project with monkey and frog stickers and markers and crayons
7. Lunch- he ate quinoa and hemp seeds with olive oil, blueberries, Annie's cheddar snack mix, and a glass of water
8. Dance party with Momma- we slow danced to John Mayer's Free Fallin' and Garth Brooks' Night Rider's Lament and then busted out our best dance moves to Amy Winehouse's Rehab and ABC by the Jackson 5
9. He beat me playing our new Memory game- Princess Matching Game. I was not letting him win. W also beat me last night. They have really good memories, apparently.
10. Rode with me and Puddy to pick up his sister from preschool
11. A turn swinging
12. Naptime

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  1. Teddy's day has been grumpy, whiny, train videos and he has a trip to the doctor this afternoon to check out his super swollen throat.