Curious Things You May Not Know About George A. Custer

1. He loved going to New York City and watching theater on 5th Avenue
2. His wife Libby wrote books and gave lectures to help mend his reputation and preserve his legacy after his death
3. He scented his hair (a source of pride for him) with cinnamon oil
4. Little Bighorn may not have been such a disaster had he not been betrayed, or left hung to dry, by his fellow commanders
5. His mustache was legendary. You, too, can have that look for the low price of $45.
6. He was last in his class at West Point and had a long list of demerits (I think he was a prankster)
7. He was a Civil War hero- one of the youngest generals of the war
8. It was widely known at the time that he saved Gettysburg
9. He and his wife didn't like to be apart and when they were, corresponded with beautifully written, romantic letters
10. During much of the Civil War, Libby would be nearby staying in a tent
11. Little Bighorn left him and about 210 men dead
12. He was gifted the surrender table from Appomatox Courthouse
13. When invading Indians, he often had a marching band strike up his favorite song, Garrey Owen
14. Along with him, 5 of his close relatives died at the Little Bighorn massacre
15. His family called him "Autie"
16. Surprisingly, his body was not mutilated, nor was he scalped upon his death
17. He had webbed toes.

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