For My Brother-In-Law Ryan On His Birthday

1. I like to call him Rhino.
2. Once he and I and my little sister Tracy (not his wife, that's my other sister) went to a Counting Crows concert and some people offered us a hit off what they were smoking. His declining their offer was as casual cool as it comes.
3. My son loves him and remembers often a fun day he spent with Ryan and his two sons just doing boy stuff.
4. He really loves our family, not just because he has to. He seems to genuinely enjoy our crazy bunch.
5. I think his Diet Coke addiction paired with his strict veganism is just too hilarious.
6. He is a huge Illini fan. I am a huge Razorbacks fan. My brother's a huge Mizzou fan. I like that.
7. He once had a strange interaction with a Tia & Tamara commercial that just killed me.
8. When the Lord of the Rings trilogy was coming out in theaters at Christmastimes, we'd go see them and for a time, and calling each other Orcs was a huge insult.
9. He's been around our family for like 18 years. That is crazy to me. I do feel like he's been a part of our family forever.
10. When my sister was pregnant with her firstborn, I rode back from Florida in their car with them. She slept the ENTIRE way home in the back seat. He and I talked the whole time and listened to the new Matchbox 20 CD on repeat.
11. He is my favorite person to watch get tickled and laugh. It's a riot!
12. He is very talented and good at everything he does.
13. Back before he was a big-shot in the wireless communications field, he was a third grade teacher. One year, I helped him set up his classroom.
14. He always drove the saddest grandpa-type cars, but now he has a cool car that suits him, and that makes me really happy.
15. I just asked W what she likes about Uncle Ryan, and she said, "I like that he's big and strong."
16. He indulges my sister in what the world might consider her craziness- her diet, her flamboyant parties...he loves it all and thinks it's great fun.
17. He is one of the hardest workers I know.
18. He is a good and patient and kind father. My husband and I often have "What Would Ryan Do?" moments in our parenting discussions.
19. My sister has a vegan blog and whenever she posts photos of him, strangers always comment on how hot he is, often to the point of inappropriateness. It's about the food, people!
20. I just asked R what he likes about Uncle Ryan, and he said, "Him's a fun man!" Perfect.


  1. Thanks for writing this. I think it was the best part of his eventless birthday. And #7 is making me have the giggles all over again.

  2. This is Ryan. You are too funny. My cheeks hurt from smiling so hard. I am disappointed, though, that our Fast & Furious date didn't make the cut. If Tia & Tamara bumped it off the list, I'm ticked. I'm honored to have made your blog list. Love you.