My Bed Rules

1. I cannot sleep without a flat sheet and some type of blanket on top of me. Even if it's 100 degrees. I think that it keeps me safe.
2. In the wintertime, we sleep with an extra blanket between our sheet and duvet. It's an electric blanket that has a satiny-ribbony edge on the top. I hate the way that edge feels, so it CANNOT, under any circumstances, touch my face. I literally freak out.
3. I like to sleep on two pillows, and the top pillow needs to be pushed back about 4 inches so that it makes for a smooth ramp for my neck and head.
4. I'm extremely picky about my pillows. Not too hard, not too soft. My favorite pillows are the latex foam rubber ones from Bed Bath & Beyond.
5. I will forevermore only use Dwell bedding. THIS is our current set.
6. I like to be tucked-in down my body, and cannot handle if my husband is too close as to break my "cozy seal."
7. I like the blankets to be pulled up enough so that they cover my ears and mouth, just below my nose and eyes.
8. I typically fall asleep on my back, but actually sleep throughout the night on my side with the top leg pulled up pretty high bent at the knee and dropped down onto the bed.
9. I can't sleep without washing my face and brushing my teeth and hair.
10. I can't sleep without something blowing in my face, so fans of all types are a no.


  1. This list would have been 100 times more interesting had it been titled "Tracy's Bed Rules."