Right Now

1. Stayed up too late with my parents making heart shaped crayons and talking doomsday (what's new?)
2. Although my parents have three guest rooms, I'm sleeping in the same bedroom as both of my teeth-grinding children.
3. My belly is churning a bit still from my weird mix of a dinner- 2 slices of leftover ZaZa's pizza, a bowl of avocado and sweet potato chunks, and a bowl of apple cinnamon instant oatmeal. And peach cobbler.
4. My back hurts from sleeping on a extra firm mattress for 8 days and being bent over most of the evening party crafting with my sister.
5. I am feeling guilty for not posting a list every day this week. I've just not been feeling it.
6. I can't remember my dream last night, but I remember it was beautiful. I hope I dream a beautiful dream tonight.
7. Tomorrow I have a Stoby's breakfast date with my dad.
8. W is sleeping right now holding a handful of my hair. Too precious, and a little uncomfortable.

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