My Favorite Ryan Adams Songs

1. Come Pick Me Up- My favorite RA song. This one should've been there instead of Sweet Carolina on my favorite songs of all time list. Love.
2. Desperate Ain't Lonely- so, so good. My first listen of RA was in high school when one of my friends found a CD case on the side of the road, and he let me take the Whiskeytown CD because I thought the cover looked interesting. What luck! This is a Whiskeytown song from Faithless Street.
3. Harder Now That's It's Over- I remember buying this album in a record store in Fort Smith, AR and immediately loving this song. It's one of those "always in my head" type of songs for me.
4. A Kiss Before I Go- I'd love to two-step in Texas to this one
5. Oh My Sweet Carolina- Emmylou! He did this at a show I was at several years ago, and no one was singing the harmonies. It was like Christmas without a tree. So I sang them loudly so that everyone around me would be grateful. I'm SURE they were.
6. Hey Mrs. Lovely- I only have a poor quality recording of it and it's still that good.
7. Midway Park- this one reminds me of college...its the first track on a Whiskeytown album, so it started me off on most of my road trips to Texas, Georgia, Tennessee, and Fayetteville.
8. The Bar Is A Beautiful Place- was a bonus track of Gold. Beautiful place, beautiful song.
9. Why Do They Leave- all of Heartbreaker could be on this list, really. But it's not. That "simple cards and things" is one of my favorite lines to sing along to.
10. Gonna Make You Love Me- this pops up in a lot of our family dance parties
11. The Battle- one of the best. Classic RA and Classic my favorite kind of song.
12. My Winding Wheel- especially the Live Bartclay version
13. La Ciegena Just Smiled- Got a little teary-eyed driving down the actual La Ciegena last year. It's such a sad, sweet song.
14. Sweet Lil Gal- (Live at le Bartclay) so much restraint and so lovely
15. Wonderwall- Unless you were under a rock in the late 90's, you know this was an Oasis song, but Ryan Adams gives that song life. It's one of my favorite covers, right along with Ray LaMontagne singing the BeeGee's To Love Somebody and John Mayer doing Free Fallin'.

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