Random Bits

1. W woke up at 8:00 and came into my room and whispered, "You can stay sleeping, momma. Can I work quietly in the art center?" Then R slept until 9:15. My life is sometimes too good.
2. I have spent the morning trying to change my daughter's opinion of Ryan Adams.
3. Lowpoint: starting to cry because the robe I was wearing until 3:00 had to be put in the washer because  the bottom of it got in the toilet. I was feeling fragile.
4. Surprise, surprise, W didn't enjoy the pureed bean and nutritional yeast dip I just made. No surprise, no surprise, R and I gobbled it down.
5. The new blogger format makes me crazy.
6. 200 days until the St. Louis Art Fair 2012!
7. THIS is amazing. I think my friend Jill could quickly train for a marathon using this.
8. I am so sad that Downton Abbey is over for the season. I don't feel too secure concerning Mary and Mathew.
9. THIS can accompany my previous Almost Famous post.
10. After listening to THIS chapel session, I can hardly contain my excitement for next month's The Head and The Heart show at the Pageant. I can't quit listening to Rivers and Roads. Charity's bit around 3:15 makes me cry every single time.
11. W is wearing her Minnie Mouse slippers and R his Mickey ones. Those cute little feet running around the loft are making me so happy today.
12. Also making me happy is both of my children singing along to Rivers and Roads right now.
13. In a very un-me culinary move, there is a 9X13 pan of Rice Krispies Treats on the counter right now.
14. I am starting to work on a bluegrass mix CD for my dad. He appreciates things like that.
15. My children have reached the age where just saying bathroom words is hilarious to them. Dislike.
16. THIS is my dream future home item. A beautiful must-have.
17. Ravioli lasagna's for dinner tonight.
18. My favorite texting buddy, my little sister, just got an iPhone. I love those blue texts.

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  1. I agree about blogger. Are your kids saying bad words like poop and toilet paper?