1. Woke up at my parent's house around 7:00 to drive to Crane with my dad, little sister, and R.
2. Stopped in Harrison for a little grocery shopping
3. Took the scenic route to Crane to visit some of my vague childhood memories
4. Visited with my grandparents at the nursing home- I felt like I was valuable there because I found my grandpa's missing hearing aid
5. My son will do ANYTHING for a few peanut M&Ms, so I was able to get him to give hugs to my grandparents and snuggle with grandpa (which I'm sure made grandpa's week).
6. Drove over to my dad's farm so he could haul off some manure dirt. He and my sister shoveled about 18 buckets while R and I walked around and tried to win over the cows. R really wanted to ride one, but they did not oblige.
7. Went over to my grandpa's house to check on the fence and look at a Civil War burial marker
8. Drove to Branson to eat dinner with my brother and his family- "Branson Melts" and guacamole.
9. A quick stop at the gas station and the Harter House to stock up on some Mexican Villa taco sauce.
10. Back to my parents house by 10:30.

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