Why I Love The Film Almost Famous

1. The soundtrack, obviously. Every song is breathtaking, not just the ones on the official soundtrack album.
2. The scene at the beginning where Anita shouts, "Feck You!" and "This is a house of lies!" And goes down the list of banned things ending with the commercialization of Christmas. And the mom talking about Simon and Garfunkel looking like their on drugs.
3. The little not-a-big-deal scene of Emmylou Harris and Gram Parsons singing Small Time Blues together in the hotel.
4. The family whistle. I think we'll have one of those.
5. The movie is wonderfully cast. I read once that Russell's character was written for Brad Pitt, but he didn't get the script. His loss. But all the characters seem to be born for their roles and have great chemistry.
6. I love, love, love Penny Lane's character. She is so of my all-time favorites.
7. That beautiful scene on the bus after they pick up Russell from the high school party when they all start singing Tiny Dancer. Russell in his towel and swim trunks and sad face. Lovely and devastating at the same time.
8. The name Ben Fong Torres is always in my head. I love the way it sounds.
9. Jason Lee's neck beard hair is righteous.
10. "Does anybody remember laughter?!" -Sapphire
11. Frances McDermott plays that mother spot on. She is respectful and never really annoying, and she delivers her crazy lines so perfectly..."Don't take drugs!" and "Rock stars have kidnapped my son." and "I know what's going on."
12. The clothes, the music, the attitude, the energy of that time...I would have been a great band-aid.
13. I just realized after years and years of watching it that Jimmy Fallon is their new manager that the label sent over.
14. I love that it's a part fiction/part true story of Cameron Crowe's teenage years writing for Rolling Stone.
15. Penny Lane dancing alone on the stage was really pretty and another favorite scene of mine.
16. I would have swiped a reject t-shirt too, just like William did.
17. Penny is my favorite character, but I am at a loss of who would get second...Sapphire (probably), William, Russell, Jeff, or Lester Bangs? They are all so good.
18. It's a great picture of characters/people alone are just that, but are given purpose by their interactions with one another, they all need each other to survive and to mean something. Especially if you can picture "music" as a character.
19. I love rock-n-roll movies.
20. "The only true currency in this bankrupt world is what we share with someone when we're uncool." -Lester Bangs


  1. I was JUST thinking earlier tonight about how much I love this movie and need to watch it again soon! Just today! Crazy. I love it so much. I agree with everything above, plus the way Russell responds "yes" to watching the party kid's snake eat....when Sapphire smacks into the wall...just love all of it..."purple! Your aura is purple!"

  2. I forgot about Russell's "yes." That's definitely one of my favorite moments. Love it! That whole party scene is hilarious.