Today's Going-Ons

1. The kids slept in until 9:00
2. We spent the morning at the Magic House
3. Hopped over to Great Harvest for 9-grain and Dakota half loaves, a loaf of Cinnamon Chip, and a Savannah Bar
4. Lunch at Whole Foods- hot pizza and cold salad bar veggies
5. Quick grocery run in Whole Foods- potatoes, organic popcorn kernels, yogurt, milk, cereal, Gardein strips, frozen peas, and kids vitamins
6. Had my car washed, inside and out. When the man closed the doors for us, W told him, "Oh my! What a gentleman you are!"
7. Gassed up my car because I heard gas prices will be going up in the next few days. I at least like to pretend I know what's going on.
8. Home for a walk with the double stroller and the dog...our excitement for the day was seeing someone getting cuffed and arrested in the park
9. Back to the loft- the kids watched The Three Musketeers while I fell asleep on the sofa
10. I made some lentils in the rice cooker and brown beans and nutritional yeast "cheese" sauce (from Veganomicon) on the stovetop
11. The kids appetized on blue corn flax seed chips dipped in nutritional yeast dip sitting on the island while I cooked their dinner- quinoa, lentils, and whole wheat orzo with olive oil and Murphy Sprinkles
12. We had Hillbillies for dessert (an idea I got from my sister- stir chopped walnuts or random nuts into melted dark chocolate chips and then cooled in globs on parchment paper in the fridge. Sister, I have named them Hillbillies for no apparent reason.)
12. Bath and (because A went straight from work to going out for the night,) early bedtime for the kids
13. Thursday night TV for me- Project Runway, Parks and Recreation, The Office, and 30 Rock

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  1. For no apparent reason? It's because you think I'm a hillbilly? I'm glad they've caught on!