1. 4- tea bags waiting to be brewed
2. 39- permission forms I need back from kids at school
3. 2- bobby pins in my hair
4. 22- articles of my clothing I set out for donation today
5. 13- Luna Bars, Larabars, Fig Bars, Larabar Ubers I have in the cabinet right now
6. 4- kinds of toothpaste we have
7. 32- things on the calendar for October so far
8. 7- showers I've been taking each week. I don't even know who I am anymore.
9. 15- pairs of underwear I own
10. 8 (out of 10)- whole grains W properly identified in a kids game at Taste of St. Louis this weekend
11. 33- years old I am
12. 2 - rotten overripe bananas in the fruit basket
13. 1216- posts on this list blog
14. 6- buckets hanging in the kids art center
15. 28- people I follow on Instagram
16. 4- times R told me on the way home from school that he loved his teacher
17. 5- letter "u"'s I had in my game of Words with Friends against my aunt this morning
18. 328- posts on our family blog
19. 1- cup of sugar I put in my sweet tea
20. 9- ingredients I'm prepping for quesadilla dinner tonight
21. 61- degrees it is outside
22. 20- blogs I "follow"
23. 3- different accents W's friend has used this morning while she is here playing
24. 13- how old R said she would be when he got married
25. 29- how old W said she would be when she gets married

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